Call of Duty 5: Adding Twar Quick and simple

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I noticed mappers often do not put Twar in their Map, its a great gametype and although it might look scary at first, its very easy to add to the levels. The following tutorial is an easy way to do it in no time!
  • For the spawns i just select one DOM start allies and do Selection > Select Classname
  • Then i clone the lot, bring up the Properties [N] and change the name from mp_dom_spawn_allies_start to mp_twar_spawn_allies_start.
  • Repeat for the mp_dom_spawn_axis_start and mp_dom_spawn
  • For the flags place the prefab /map_source/_prefabs/MP/ in your level,

  • With the prefab still selected, enter it:

  • Select all with i
  • Edit > Copy:

  • Now Leave the prefab,

  • Delete the prefab,
  • Paste in the level

  • Now it works like this:

Each Flag has also a little red cube beside it. A & B Flags are owned by the allies side from spawn so place those near to where they start. Flag D & E is same but owned by Axis. Finally Flag C is the "neutral" Flag which should be placed in the middle of the map or at least at same distance from allies/axis start spawn - this will be the first flag to cap.

After this you can check HERE to add the Localized Strings to your Map GSC for the Location Name. Failing this and i think they will be called Alpha, Bravo ...

That is all. takes about 10 minutes at the most!