Call of Duty 5: Adding Artillery Direction Hint Entities

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If you add script_origins with “artillery_axis” or “artillery_allies” targetnames to the map you can control\influence which direction the artillery will come in at.

You can put as many of these for each side as you want. By “as many” I mean a few per side. They should be placed as far to the outside of the map as possible but still inside the sky box. The height does not matter.

The points you place will not be the exact spot the artillery fire from. These are more hints about direction. Basically it uses these points and the map center (as determined by script) to come up with appropriate lines of flight. If there are multiple per side then the line that is closest to the point where the artillery will land will determine the direction.

You do not need to place them in the map but the artillery will continue to come in from random directions.

You can accomplish several goals with this functionality.

You can direct the artillery to come in along lines that are better/more pleasing for game play. For example in Dome you can use them to prevent the artillery from coming in behind the Dome. You can make it look like the are coming from the ships in Shrine.

The other reason is to bring them in along a line that is going to be better for the kill cam. This way you can focus any sort of “prettying” along the directions that the artillery will come in on. Again in Shrine if they come in from the direction of the ocean you are going to have a lot less issues seeing outside the world.

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