Call of Duty 4: Video Mapicted Tutorials

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By Mapicted

Here are some video tutorials from Mapicted (Creator of Burg).

Hotkeys (german keyboard...)

CTRL+ G 		=	snap Vertex to grid
CTRL+SHIFT+Q		=	remove Vertexline 
CTRL+SHIFT+A		=	add Vertexline  between 2 lines
ALT+O			=	add Vertexline 

CTRL+left click	=	select Vertexrline
CTRL+left click	=	Vertex select and deselect

CTRL+C			=	Patch kopie
CTRL+V			=	Patch paste
CTRL+I			=	Invert Patch

SHIFT+?		=	add Vertexline on Curve Patch 
SHIFT+ยด		=	remove Vertexline on Curve Patch 

CTRL+SHIFT+J		=	Tolerant Weld on and off
W			=	connecting Vertex or bringon
				the same height (block necessary axes)

Tutorial 1: Street

Part 1: Data.png DOWNLOAD (3:49)
Part 2: Data.png DOWNLOAD (5:09)


Tutorial 2: Wall

Data.png DOWNLOAD (2:07)


Tutorial 3: Well

Data.png DOWNLOAD (1:20)


Tutorial 4: Dome

Data.png DOWNLOAD (2:05)