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Common Errors & Solutions

  • Help! My map is shining all red!

You need to add [Call of Duty 4: Reflection Probes|Reflection Probes].

  • Help! My guns and random stuff are shining rainbow!

First stop smokin the good stuff, then create a [Call of Duty 4: Gridfile|Grid File].

  • While compiling the BSP, I get an error that .d3dbsp cannot be loaded!:

The editor automatically tries to load a previous version of a compiled map if it runs into errors while compiling. If for some reason the previously compiled files are missing, it gives that error. If you scroll up the DOS window, i'm sure another error will display itself, and that's the real reason you aren't compiling.

  • I've added destructible cars to my map, and now when compiling reflections I get "CANNOT SWITCH ON UNDEFINED":

Open raw\maps\mp\_load.gsc, go to line 57 and comment out the function call (two slashes added):

//	thread maps\mp\_destructible::init();


  • While compiling the BSP, I get errors about lights leaking or *******Leaking*******

This happens when your skybox is not completely closed and the player has the possibility to see the infinity! Close the compile, go to the editor, and go to File >> PointFile. It will show you where it's leaking. This can also be the cause of Portals not being in an enclosed space. Learn about portals and re-implement! Links above!

  • Surface partially floating or needs to be aligned

You can, most of the time ignore this warning but to be sure, load the map in Radiant and use the Error File to check that patches are properlly alighend toghether.

  • WARNING: Attempting to meld model, but root part 'j_spine4' of model 'blah blah' not found in model 'blah blah' or any of its descendant.

Basically, add "include,mptypes_woodland" into your map CSV. "include,mptypes_desert" if you are using desert style players. Update zone file and build new FF and map works fine with extreme and ace and awe.

  • Screen is completely red (can't see anything) or red FX signs over bodies

Read the above and do it.

Useful commands

In Console:

If mp_backlot automatically loads when you try to run your map, type in these commands to load into your map even with errors, allowing you to shift+tilde (~) and see what is wrong.

/sv_mapRotation ""
/sv_mapRotationCurrent ""
/devmap [yourmapname]

Change to any map without dev mode.

/map [themap]

Third person view (first load with /devmap [mapname])

/cg_thirdperson 1

More Usefull ServerCommands:

only available in devmap mode.

\give airstrike_mp
\give helicopter_mp
\give radar_mp

In CoD4Tools Custom Command Line Options:

+set scr_game_matchstarttime 0 +set scr_game_playerwaittime 0 +set fs_game mods/modWarfare

This one line takes off the wait timers at the beginning of the game when you load in, as well as loads you into ModWarfare from the start.