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SetFlaggedAnimKnobAllRestart( <notifyname>, <animation>, <root>, <weight>, <time>, <rate> )

Module: Animation
SP Only


See "SetAnim."

Call this on: <entity>


self SetFlaggedAnimKnobAllRestart( "runanim", %precombatrun1, %body, 1, 0.1, 1 );

Required arguments:

  1. <notifyname> The string to notify notetracks with.
  2. <animation> The animation or animtree node to change.
  3. <root> An ancestor of the animation.

Optional arguments:

  1. <weight> Goal weight of this animation. Defaults to 1.0.
  2. <time> Time to transition to this weight in seconds. Defaults to 0.2.
  3. <rate> Playback rate of the animation. Defaults to 1.0.