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OrientMode( <orient mode>, <face angle>

Module: AI
SP Only


Set the orient mode of this actor.

Call this on: <actor> An actor


randAlly OrientMode( "face direction", level.player.origin-randAlly.origin );

Required arguments:

  1. <orient mode> (const string) OrientMode must be 'face angle', 'face current', 'face direction', 'face enemy', 'face enemy or motion', 'face goal', 'face motion', 'face point', or 'face default'

Optional arguments:

  1. <face angle> (float) The yaw angle to face if orient mode is 'face angle'
  2. <direction vector> (vector) The direction vector to face if orient mode is 'face direction'
  3. <face position> (vector) The point to face if orient mode is 'face point'