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In this tutorial I wound try explain how to get correct colour maps from MW2 and Black Ops + specular/normal maps porting


Before reading this tutorial read [1] old one.

A long time I'm interest how to get right colour maps in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops later. Fully understanding take 2 month (finish my ideas in may, but for some reason release it only now) and, I hope, it's ok :)

Let's tutorial begin?

Getting right colour map

As I wrote sometime ago, there is ways with combining colour+spec, colour+detail. But I had re-mind all, and now it should be right, no more shit.


Almost of images have combining by spc+col. Only some of them - col+detail (AUG, for example).


Hm, lol. When I think that it's over, I open funny things again. Not sure, but it looks like in BO there is second way for get right colour is combine colour map with itself. Just open colour map: Image-> Alpply Image and enable mask and WOOP!, we get smth like it should be. Which way is right? I dont know and have no clue, so, I just notice about it and hope that later it will be found as well basic of that tutorial.


As I wrote there is 2 spec file. I don't mind why it's here about month (thinking that there is just one added by mistake, as well). After idea just comes in my head and I check it. Different SPC for different materials. Example:

MP5k has 2 specular maps. 1 of them used for iron sight, second for another parts. This way used not only for weapons, but for a players as well too (and almostly for players).

Ok, now by algorithm:

  • Check Aplha 1 layer. If there is nothing (layer is white), then image dont use combining method, result given by specular map and some extra options in asset manager.
  • If there is Alpha 1 layer and it's ok - notice which colour you have in game. Depends by that you choose detail map, which you'll combine with colour (probably, you can use different ones for different effects, for example Vector used brown detail, but on one SP mission - black, so you can get a real colour, but also some advanced). In MW2 you needn't combine col+spec, it doesnt use there.
  • Next step. Combine by Image -> Apply image. Use different sett-s and watch preview result. Do not forget enable "Mask" option.
  • Follow by that you'll get right colour for colour map.

How to search detail:

Probably, I have explained in old tutorial about seaching name in extracted .ff's. You can use it, of course. But most easy way is to get it by reading names of detail and watching on SS of gun which you need. Detail names are readable, so it's no hard to find right image too.

Btw, you can choose any from these ways :)

Specular / Cosine maps

Step by step.

For 1st get specular map. Now you going to open it. Choose RGB and save as blablabla_spc.<anyformat> . Use 24 bit. Choose Aplha 1 and change Mod to Grayscale (for saving your HDD place :D). You're free past it on RGB, combine layers as well too.

Now you have to do 2 different ways - for black ops and for MW/MW2.

MW 1/2:

Save result as blablabla_cos.<anyformat>

Black Ops:

Before saving reduce brightness, about -70 - -100. By that you'll get useful cosine, because in BO it's too white. After that save it as blablabla_cos.<anyformat>.

Normal Maps

Nothing need to change.

You can use fake .tga and dds2iwi.exe, or use action file for PS which'll convert NML to standart view.

Action file can be found HERE. (Probably, I found it myself, but sometiles ago 1 man send me a link on already done tutorial about it. Only 1 problem was that action file was a bit wrong, so I still prefer my. Remember that you cant get 100% simply NML from this action file, blue channel have some differents).


Mw2 colormaps 5.jpg Mw2 colormaps 6.jpg Mw2 colormaps 7.jpg


Specular / Cosine maps ideas based around work of Mark Douma alias NSGod

--Sanya 06:53, 23 July 2011 (IST)

e-mail: [email protected]