Call of Duty 4: Minefields

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Nutshell.png This tutorial will explain how to create/add Minefields to your maps.

In Radiant

  • Choose the Trigger texture,
  • Drag it where you want a minefield..
  • Rightclick > Trigger > Multiple

Minefield 1.png

  • Bring up console (press N)

Give it these values:

Key: targetname
Value: minefield

Minefield 2.png

Make sure the follwoing is present in your maps/mp/mp_mapname.gsc


Add the following to your zone_source/mp_mapname.csv before compiling:


You're done!


The method above will get the mines to work, but it you want the "Click" before the "Boom" like in CoD1/CoD2, continue reading.

Download here and put it in CoD4Root/raw/soundaliases (right click save as)

Rename it to your mapname

Or, if the mirror is down, place this code in a txt, then rename it to .csv

name,sequence,file,vol_min,vol_max,vol_mod,pitch_min,pitch_max,dist_min,dist_max,channel,type,probability,loop,masterslave,loadspec,subtitle,compression,secondaryaliasname,volumefalloffcurve,startdelay,speakermap,reverb,lfe percentage,center percentage,platform,envelop_min,envelop_max,envelop percentage,conversion null,,null.wav,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

minefield_click,,doors/metal_click.wav,0.72,0.72,,1,1,120,2500,auto,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mini_explo,,explosions/explo_mine01.wav,0.72,0.72,,1,1,120,2500,auto,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Open up CoD4Root/main/iw_10.iwd

Go into the sounds\explosions folder Copy 'explo_mine01.wav' to CoD4Root\raw\sounds\explosions

Place this in CoD4Root\raw\sounds\doors

Or if the mirror is down and you have CoD2, go to CoD2Root/main/iw_05.iwd and extract sounds/misc/metal_click to CoD4Root\raw\sounds\doors

Add 'sound,mp_yourmapname' to your zone file

Now you have a "click" sound before the boom!

The majority of the credit goes to Zeroy for orignally writting the minefield tutorial, I made a minefield and wanted the click sound, so I did a search and found this post

Credit goes to user "-=FD=-" for posting how to get the click to work, though in that post he uses a door sound for the click, which doesnt sound that good, so I updated this tutorial to show you how to do the click with the CoD2 minefield click sound.