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Nutshell.png The Utility is Free and always will be, if someone is selling it, Don't buy it!


We have created a Utility for COD4, to assist mappers and modders an easy way to backup important Developer files. The one thing I can give back to the community. Although this is Built for COD4, it may for for other COD titles as well, I just have not tested it. I've been using this thing for my last two projects and it has saved me so much time, I wish I had it when I started mapping.

  • The utility also includes up to 4 custom folder backups and an Xmodel/Prefab Viewer which comes in really handy.
  • The only time consuming part is setting your Source and Backup paths. Once set, all settings are stored in the users Local Settings.
  • Tested on: Windows XP
  • Required: .NET 3.5 - Installer will prompt for download


  • Can back up files such as:
  • Your 6 most Recent Maps will be saved in the dropdown selection.
  • Can backup up to 4 custom folders of your choice (Good For)
    • Custom Prefabs
    • Custom Texture Assets
    • Custom Sounds
    • Player Profiles
Folders can have the option to be dated.

Xmodel and Prefab Viewer

  • Users can search Xmodels and Prefabs. Copy filenames to input into Radiant, and also show a 500x500 image preview on Hover, as well as choose where on your screen the Full preview displays. Your 6 most recent search paths will be saved in the dropdown selection.
  • If you have trouble, view the Readme Tab for instructions on how to use the Utility. Most of it is self Explanatory, but the Readme goes through step by step on how to set it up for the first time.


Mapper delight s1.jpg Mapper delight s2.jpg

Mapper delight s3.jpg


Here is the link to the installer. This is (Version 1.0.0)

Data.png Filefront D/L
Data.png LOCAL Mirror


  • Version Developers: Decon & Sibby
  • KloverCiti Productions 2010