Call of Duty 4: Introduction to animation

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A lot of guys asking for teach/help them in this part of modding. After 10th request I thought about tutotrial, which I've done and now release there.

I'm really sorry, but there is only russian language. But if you'll carefuly you can take basic, which you need :) Another thing is only your maya skill, so I hope that it'll help.

I explain BASIC knowledge here, if you understand all of these things right you can easy make your own anims as well!

Have a fun ;)



1) Creating VMGun file.

2) Basic ideas, making idle; copy function.

3) Fit M16 anims to our gun.

4) Export.


1) Notetracks.

2) Controllers.


RAW gunfile: HERE or HERE


1st off I wish say BIG THANK to these guy, who helped me a lot with start! Thanks a lot, guys!

|EHD| Seven; Susel; Hallulallu; |MACOM| Hacker22.

--Sanya 19:26, 6 August 2011 (IST)

e-mail: [email protected]