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Nutshell.png Tool for easy playing demos of game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare You can use slowmotion, faster playing, freezing demo, toggle third person view and toggle view HUD info.

Installation and run

1. Download file (224 kB, cod4player.exe + readme.txt). 2. Just unzip file "cod4player.exe", but rather don't put it into the COD4 folder. Then simply run it.


  • In main screen click on the keybord to show info about controls.
  • You can set association demos in Setup menu and then just click on demofile to playback.

Cod4player 1.jpg Cod4player 3.jpg Cod4player 2.jpg


  • If You have COD4 just as copy on HD (no info in registry), cod4player ask You for path to iw3mp.exe.
  • Tested on Windows XP SP2 Czech version only (Windows Vista - not tested!)

BIG thanx to: Player Rellik to idea "how to.." :)

Download & Sources

Data.png Download & Website HERE