Call of Duty 4: Custom Model On Unmodded Server

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Hello everybody.

I want to explain you a bit strange thing - modification of our game-client, which allows you to use custom models on usual server. It needs medium knowledge about modding itself, so you should understand what is fast files, .iwi, .iwd, etc.

Main idea came to me from my friends, who asking me alot of times "Why I cant use it on usual server?". As I know before, some .FF can be modified, and I tried it, but get nothing. After that I watch out logfiles.

I noticed, that we have only 1 chance get custom model working - recompile common_mp, what is not posible at all, because size of common_mp is always checked by game itself when you connect to the server. Then I watched again, and saw, that last .ff which loading into map is map _load.ff. After several tests I found that it can has any size, and probably, I can do everything with it.

So, what I mean from this story... You can recompile <mapname>_load.ff and include everything you want there, so, you can get custom models working.

I do not know what write there else, so, I just finish it for now. Maybe later I can write smth, but not now.

Have fun



[Saints]Sanya or Sanya_rnd or Sanya.

e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks to:

Samuel, hacker22, iFirex, T-max for help.

--Sanya 13:42, 11 November 2011 (UTC)