Call of Duty 4: Building Stairs

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Nutshell.png This tutorial will show how to create Stairs Prefabs using terrain patches::

Result are as follow:

Stairs 2.png

  • Create a new map in Radiant, select the texture ch_concretewall02 and using Z 2D view create a brush of
X = 20
Y = 8
Z = 80

Stairs 2a.png

  • Deselect the brush (Esc)
  • Select the outside faces of the brush now using Ctrl+SHIFT+LEFT-CLICK and go to Patch>Faces to Terrain

Stairs 2b.png

  • In the texture window look for the texture com_stain_01 and click on it
  • Still with the new faces selected, press 'S' and hit 'Lmap' - This will adjust the texture to the size of the faces.
  • Deselected all (Esc)

Now you should have this:

Stairs 2c.png

  • Select all using 'I' and press SPACEBAR to Duplicate the brush+decals
  • Place the duplicate brush+decals as shown below:

Stairs 2d.png

  • Repeat as many time as necessary

Stairs 2e.png

  • Now to adjust the side of the stairs place your self in the X 2D view and select one step at the time (one brush) + the 2 decals (each side) requiring to be adjusted
Warning.png Make sure to select both the brush face and the decal by right-clicking on the 3D windows and selecting both.

Stairs 2f.png

  • Drag all to the level of the first step, when completed it should look like this:

Stairs 2g.png

  • Now we need to adjust the decals are they are clearly streched, for this select all the decals (both sides of stairs) using Ctrl+SHIFT+LEFT-CLICK and make sure you arent selecting a brush face by right-clicking on 3D windows and making sure only WC/com_stain_01 is selected:

Stairs 2h.png

  • When all decals are selected press 'S' and use the 'Lmap' tool to adjust the textures.

Stairs 2.png

  • Finally select all using 'I' go to File > Save Selected > Save under the name you want under /map_source/prefabs/
  • Note that you could at this point add a row on the top terrain patch of the steps and move its vertices to make an uneven look.