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An .iwd file is simply a zip file, with content for CoD4. It should only contain custom images and sound files, the rest will be packed into the Fast File.

Simply follow the directory structure as listed in '[root]/raw/'. For custom images: make an 'images' directory, put all .iwi files that are custom into this directory (.iwi's can be found in '[root]/raw/images/'). Each custom texture consists of 3 files, the colour map, the normal map and the specular colour map. All 3 of these should go in your 'images' directory. Note that the specular colour map always has a weird name, like '~roof_concrete_tile_01_spec-r~a371169a.iwi', where a color map is just 'roof_concrete_tile_01.iwi' (and a normal map 'roof_concrete_tile_01_nrm.iwi'). For the loadscreen and compass_map textures we just have a colour map.

Now go to the parent directory, right-click on the 'images' directory and make it a zip file. Be sure that inside the zip file, there should be a directory called 'images' with the custom textures, the custom textures should not be directly in the zip file.

This .zip file should be renamed to [mapname].iwd and be placed into '[root]/usermaps/[mapname]/'.

.arena, .gsc and .csv files should NOT go in the .iwd file! .arena files don't work in CoD4 anyways, but the other 2 files are included in the Fast Files already.

Made by Daevius