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This wonderful new tool is designed to replace Xmodel Exporter and brings even more features!

0.98 Changelog

  • Select Folder Works on XP
  • Select Folder GUI updated.
  • If you have a search present in the xmodel list and you change games the search is carried over.
  • All non color maps are now force exported as TGA.
  • You still have the option to export DDS or TGA for color maps.
  • Bones render has been updated to be more neat (bones will accuire more advanced options soon).
  • Slider cntrl for GUI updated design.
  • XMODEL_EXPORT now has the same name as LOD to match GDT (was model name before)
  • GDT image paths now have corrected Paths and names to reflect TGA / DDS
  • If GDT Fails to write due to file permissions, it will attempt to write it in the Models's folder next to the Maya file.
  • Frame Code Updated
  • Frame supports Themes (ability to edit and create themes in next release)
  • Maximise should take the correct size now.
  • Double Click Top bar will toggle Maximise
  • .MEL writer had a typo which could cause a crash.
  • Program is no longer dependant on OpenAL.dll to start.
  • If OpenAL.dll is not found there will just be no sound.
  • IWD image mover can now be manually activated via the misc settings menu.
  • Xmodel Log / Xmodel Properties now have close buttons on bottom bar.
  • xmodel Properties now shows vert and face count.
  • Program now loads normal and spec maps for rendering.
  • You can disble loading of non color maps in the new shader settings menu.
  • Created shader system that allows for unlimated amounts of shaders to be used to render the model.
  • This update comes with one shader, a number of more complex shaders will be added in the next few days.

0.976 Changelog

  • New Camera System Fixed, no longer destortes model.
  • Frame Code bug fixed
  • Custom Frame is drawn before window is shown
  • New Splash screen (loads faster + looks win)

0.96 Changelog

  • Xmodel Scale can now be set to any value between 0-999
  • Listboxs & inputboxes now have updated sub menu styles to match treeview & jumpboxes.
  • Added fully custom frame drawing code.
  • Added Support for exporting as XMODEL_EXPORT.
  • Can Export images as either TGA or DDS
  • DDS export code will now report missing mipmaps / try to fix.
  • Listbox reports progress while loading Xmodel List.
  • minor thread sync bug fix
  • Create tray icon defualt value changed to true
  • Updated scroll bar code (list scrolls faster when shorter)
  • When dragging scroll bar 3d view won't take input
  • Add option to place all tag files in one folder (turned on by defualt)
  • If you cancel folder dialog for export/gdt folder will no longer set path to local.
  • Holding shift doubles zoom/move speeds
  • Added 'close' button to settings menu
  • Added bubble msg for screenshot
  • Xmodel load timeout increased to 20 seconds
  • Added bounding box Feature
  • Central locator
  • Hotkey added to move camera automaticly to fit model in view aera
  • Search will move to top of list automaticly
  • Hotkeys Can be customised
  • Along with a few other behind the scene updates / fixes.

Main Features

  • 3D View
  • Uses all toms own OpenGL Libraries / engine
  • Full logging (with error filtering based on importance)
  • Multithread - 4 main threads (render, main loader, utility, misc background loaders)
  • Auto recover (if xmodel loader has critical error will recover while running = no restart of app)
  • Fps is reduced when program dose not have focus to reduce cpu load.
  • Joint preview in 3D view
  • 100% identical joint binds to original file
  • Exports IWI's to dds in export folder
  • Exports Ma / OBJ / xmodel_export
  • Xmodel properties (col LODs, materials, view distances)
  • View tags (.html)
  • GDT creator for use with asset_manger
  • Saves all settings
  • Tray icon with useful options
  • Bubble msg (displays export info / copy paste data)
  • Progress bar
  • 3D Lighting
  • Very Fast ! (much faster than asset viewer)
  • Resize is as easy as dragging the window
  • Supports Cod4, Cod5, Cod BO
  • FastFile Scanner (export from fastfiles)
  • xmodel properties can also be viewed in child windows
  • Loading screen while GUI assets are loaded (not visable on my pc, but slower pc's may take a second or 2)
  • Uses toms own Zip libary wrapper for zlib to provide built in support for moving images from the IWD directly
  • plus more to come ...


  • Latest version is 0.98

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