Call of Duty: Create Panoramic shots

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This tutorial should work on COD/CODUO/COD2/COD4/COD5 - It will explained how to create some great paroramic shots for your Levels

What you will get

Cw pan4yr.jpg

Steps In game

  • Load your level with the usual dev options and in the console, type in, in turn:
/cg_draw2d 0 (to hide all hud elements)
/cg_drawgun 0 (to hide first person hands & weapon)
/cg_thirdperson 1 (to emulate spectator mode with better controls)
  • Find a good spot to start & use /viewpos 1 in console. That'll give you the x y z yaw of your current location.
  • Now use /setviewpos in console & the x y z from /viewpos 1, change the yaw to 0, take the first screenshot.
  • Next just spun a bit to the right with the mouse & took another screenshot. Do that 4 or 5 times,


  • Opened all the created screens in photoshop, put them all in the same document in different layers
  • Go to File > Automate > Photomerge.

In most cases this will stitch your photos together, you just need to crop out the transparency left due to CoD 4's "fish eye lens" effect. "in most cases" because sometimes there's a bad screen in the bunch that throws off the Photomerge and you won't end up with anything that resembles a panoramic screenshot.

Photomerge help

  • There's a nice writeup on using Photomerge HERE

By CornrowWallace