Call of Duty: Create Models with Blender (without Maya)

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By CoDEmanX and Flybynyt

Create models and animations for CoD using free Blender and Blender-CoD addon (without Maya)!


The Call of Duty mod tools include plugins for the commercial 3d modelling software Maya by Autodesk (former Alias). It's an expansive application and not many modders want to or can afford it.

Fortunately, you don't require it anymore to create models (static/rigged) and animations for CoD:

Blender-CoD Add-On

Blender-CoD is a free, open-source project and provides a plugin for the as well free and open-source 3D modelling software Blender. It adds support for XMODEL_EXPORT v5/v6 and XANIM_EXPORT v3 formats, which can be compiled to xmodels and xanims using the mod tools. All CoD titles are supported for export (Blender -> Asset Manager -> Call of Duty):

  • XMODEL_EXPORT v6 (CoD2-CoD7)
  • XANIM_EXPORT v3 (all)
  • NT_EXPORT (CoD5, CoD7)

You can basically import any supported 3d model into Blender (e.g. Blender files, Wavefront OBJ, Collada DAE, 3ds Max 3DS and more), edit it and finally export it for CoD using the Blender-CoD Add-On.

Project page

The project is hosted at Google Projects. You can:

  • submit bugs and feature requests on the issue section,
  • browse the code of the repository in the source section and
  • get the latest releases in the download area


If you want to contribute to the project as a coder, file and issue or send a mail to blender-cod AT online DOT de


  • 12-Apr-12 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.5 (alpha 3) for Blender 2.62.3 (beta) and later
  • 01-Apr-12 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.4 (alpha 3) for Blender 2.62.3 (beta) and later
  • 16-Feb-12 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.3 (alpha 3) for Blender 2.6x and 2.59
  • 25-Jan-12 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.2 (alpha 3)
  • 29-Nov-11 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.1 (alpha 3)
  • 22-Nov-11 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.3.0 (alpha 3)
  • 09-Oct-11 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.2.3 (alpha 2)
  • 29-Sep-11 | Blender-CoD Addon v0.2.2 (alpha 2)



  • Supports mesh export with automatic triangulation
  • Armature export (bones)
  • Vertex colors (v6 only, optionally: use color as alpha)
  • Mesh modifiers except Armature (optional)
  • Armature animation (poses) to xmodel sequences ("Pose animation")
  • Adjustable minimum bone weight (optional)
  • Vertex clean-up (optional)
  • User Interface: File > Export > CoD Xmodel (.XMODEL_EXPORT)


  • Supports armature animation export
  • Frame range and framerate can be specified
  • Notetrack export (all CoD titles)
  • User Interface: File > Export > CoD Xanim (.XANIM_EXPORT)


  1. Download the archive, but don't unzip it!
  2. Start Blender
  3. Click menu File > User Preferences...
  4. Activate the Addons section
  5. Ignore an already installed version, it will be overwritten by default
  6. Click Install Add-On... button at the bottom
  7. Double-click the archive
  8. The following entry should be shown: Import-Export: CoD model/anim addon (version)
  9. Tick the checkbox on the right to enable it
  10. Click Save As Default button at the bottom to enable it permanently
  11. Use the newly available options of the File > Export / File > Import menu



Photo-montage about how to use materials in Blender for Blender-CoD addon

Make sure the model meets the following requirements:

  • Meshes must have at least 3 vertices,
  • 1 face,
  • 1 image material and
  • UV mapping (mesh was unwrapped)

Basic video tutorial on how to use the addon: Blender to CoD

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