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This tutorial is a brief summary on how to add new Zombie AI Spawners for your maps with either new AI settings or new Models

How it works

  • Everything is done in APE - No Scripting
  • An Archetype asset contains the Character definition as well as AI settings, you can lookup the example in Modtools:

Zombie models1.jpg

  • A variant is also present (derived from Archetype), for slight changes within the Archetype (untested)
  • A Spawner is then present (derived from Variant) and this is the actual asset that will be available in Radiant to be dropped
note: No changes are made to either Variant or Spawner derived spawners
  • Inside the Archetype you will find Character Models:

Zombie models2.jpg

These are the assets that will contain the various models. You can have up to 8 Characters per Spawner but using aliases within Character Asset you can have a multitude of variation (heads/ hats, etc..)

Zombie models3.jpg

How to proceed

  • Create your own GDT in BO3root\source_data in APE
  • Filter on the following in APE:
  • Select and copy the item shown below for Der Rise Zombies

Zombie models1.jpg

  • Now go back to your newly created GDT and paste the item, you will need to rename but keep a similar structure, for example:
  • Select the new archetype, right click and do Derive, replace archetype by variant
  • Select the Variant, right click and do Derive, replace variant by spawner
  • Now filter on the following:
  • Again copy it and paste into your own GDT with the name you want, for example:
  • Select the Archertype you just created, go down to the Character Models, remove all the entries and enter your newly created Character(s), example:

Zombie models4.jpg

  • Now you are ready to edit the Character Asset which contains the models as shown here:

Zombie models3.jpg

Models guidance

It is up to you to obtain the models you want to import but here is some guidance on what is required to match Black Ops 3 Zombies:

  • Body & Head (strict minimum)
  • For Gibs
Note 1: Models from older COD are very hard to get working as the animation require BO3 rigged bodies
Note 2: This tutorial doesn't cover other aspect of customisation like Head Aliases, sub models but those are self explanatory.

In radiant

  • Once done with the above steps you will end up with a new Spawner Actor in Radiant:

Zombie models6.jpg

  • Drag and drop into your map
Note: You can use more than one Spawner Actor type in maps, the spawning will be random unless you set specifics in the Actor KVP (Key Value Parameters)
  • Matching the spawner_zm_factory_zombie you then need to set the coop count to 9999 and the count to 9999 (or whatever suits)
  • Uncheck "Alert on Spawn"
  • Check "Force Spawn", "spawner" and finally add the following KVPs:
script_forcespawn == 1
script_disable_bleeder == 1
script_noteworhty == zombie_spawner

Zombie models6a.jpg

  • The radiant part is done

Map Zone file

  • In your Map zone file, add this:

name being the name of the Archetype created at the beginning of the tutorial

  • Compile your map and enjoy new Zombies models (hopefully!)

Zombie models7.jpg

--Zeroy (talk) 01:27, 18 October 2016 (UTC)