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Logging Into Rcon

The rcon password is set in the server.cfg file, you must first login to rcon on the server before you can issue admin commands. Join your server and open the console with the tilde key (~). Type in '/rcon login yourpassword' (without the quotes) and hit Enter. Note: Always use, and never forget, the forward slash "/" when logging in or you will broadcast your rcon password to the other players on the server. Note: To expand console to full screen, hold down Shift and hit the tilde (~) key.

Custom Desktop Shortcut

This creates a custom shortcut directly to your server, gives you rcon, and puts you in a private slot if you have that configured in your server.cfg.

Right click your MP desktop shortcut and choose Copy. Right click your desktop and choose Paste. Right click your new shortcut and choose Rename. Rename it to w/e you want it to be called. Right click the shortcut and choose Properties. In the Target field you will see this:

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" 

At the very end, after the quote mark, click there so you have a blinking cursor, then hit space one time.

Copy this and paste it in:

+rcon login ***** +password ***** +connect" 

It should look like this when done:

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" 
+rcon login ***** +password ***** +connect" 
Warning.png NOTES
Replace the *****'s with your passwords for rcon and private slot. 
Replace the x's with your server IP. 
This will take you right into the server with the last profile you selected in multiplayer. 
Also note that you can edit in the IP and Port and share this as is, the rcon and password 
settings will be ignored.

Rcon Commands

  • Commonly Used Commands

Task Usage Example Description
Logging in to rcon /rcon login password /rcon login superdude Gives player administrative rights on server.
Display Server Information /rcon serverinfo /rcon serverinfo Shows the current server settings.
Display System Information /rcon systeminfo /rcon systeminfo Shows the current System Information.
Display Player Information /rcon status /rcon status Displays info for all players on the server.
Change a Map /rcon map map_name /ron map mp_crash Loads the map specified by mapname.
Rotate to Next Map /rcon map_rotate /rcon map_rotate Loads next map in rotation.
Reload a Map /rcon map_restart /rcon map_restart Restarts round. Any gametype and round limit

setting changes will take effect.

Fast Restart a Map /rcon fast_restart /rcon fast_restart Restarts the current map.
Execute a Config /rcon exec filename.cfg /rcon exec rifles.cfg Executes a Server Config File
(located in your

server's main directory)

  • Other Commonly Used Commands

Task Usage Example Description
Change Gametype /rcon g_gametype type /rcon g_gametype koth Sets gametype. Requires a map restart

to take effect.

Auto Team Balancing /rcon scr_teambalance [0-1] /rcon scr_teambalance 1 Force team balance off (0), on (1)
Friendly Fire /rcon scr_team_fftype [0-3] /rcon scr_team_fftype 1 FF off (0), on (1), reflect (2),

shared (3)

Spectate Type /rcon scr_game_spectatetype [0-2] /rcon scr_game_spectatetype 2 Disabled (0), Team/Players Only (1),

Free (2)

Kill Camera /rcon scr_game_allowkillcam [0-1] /rcon scr_game_allowkillcam 1 Force killcam off (0), on (1)
Private Chat to Player /rcon tell [client #] [message] /rcon tell 3 Hello Player Sends private message to a player.
Chat Via Console /rcon say [message] /rcon say Hello Player Messages are shown in game preceded

by console:

  • Kick and Ban Commands

Task Usage Example Description
Kick a Player by ID /rcon clientkick [ID] /rcon clientkick 3 Kick player from server by client


Kick a Player by Name /rcon onlykick [Name] /rcon kick Playername Kick player by name from the server.
Kick a Player by Colored Name /rcon kick [Name] /rcon kick ^1Playername Kick player by colored name from the

(Must include Color Codes)

Kick All Players /rcon kick all /rcon kick all Kicks all players from server.
Kick All Players /rcon onlykick all /rcon onlykick all Kicks all players from server.
Ban a Player by ID /rcon banClient [ID] /rcon banClient 3 Bans a user by their client number.

their GUID to ban.txt

Ban a Player by Name /rcon banUser [Name] /rcon banUser playername Bans a user by their ingame name.
Writes their

GUID to ban.txt

Temp Ban a Player by ID /rcon tempBanClient [ID] /rcon tempBanClient 3 Kicks and temp bans player by client id from


Temp Ban a Player by Name /rcon tempBanUser [Name] /rcon tempBanUser playername Kicks and temporarily bans player by name from