Call of Duty 4: Gameplay Options

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Gameplay Options

Parameter Value
scr_oldschool [0-1]
scr_hardcore [0-1]
scr_game_spectatetype [0-2] (Disabled, Team/Players Only, Free)
scr_game_allowkillcam [0-1]
scr_team_fftype [0-3] (Disabled, Enabled, Reflect, Shared)
scr_game_onlyheadshots [0-1]

Free-for-all Deatmatch

Parameter Value
scr_dm_scorelimit [0-n]
scr_dm_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)


Parameter Value
scr_dom_scorelimit [0-n]
scr_dom_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)

Team Deathmatch

Parameter Value
scr_war_scorelimit [0-n]
scr_war_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)


Parameter Value
scr_sab_scorelimit [1-n] (points)
scr_sab_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)
scr_sab_roundswitch [0-n] (after how many rounds)
scr_sab_bombtimer [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sab_planttime [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sab_defusetime [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sab_hotpotato [0-1] (shared bomb timer)

Search and destroy

Parameter Value
scr_sd_scorelimit [1-n] (points)
scr_sd_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)
scr_sd_roundswitch [0-n] (number of rounds before switching teams)
scr_sd_bombtimer [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sd_planttime [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sd_defusetime [0-n] (seconds)
scr_sd_multibomb [0-1]


Parameter Value
scr_koth_scorelimit [1-n] (points)
scr_koth_timelimit [0-n] (minutes)
koth_autodestroytime [0-n] (seconds)
koth_kothmode [0-1] (classic mode, non-classic)
koth_spawntime [0-n] (seconds, hq spawn time)